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Buying Retail in Sustainable Fashion

Retail fashion is the largest sector of the fashion industry contributing to the industry’s carbon footprint. Because of this retail and secondhand clothing are often seen as opposing options, but ultimately, both markets grow in parallel.

Let’s take a step back and reflect on why retail still needs to be considered and thoughtfully evolved to become more sustainable for the planet.

People will keep buying new fashion

Whether it's for practical reasons (such as needing to replace worn out underwear or swimsuits), or simply because they want to refresh their wardrobe, people will continue to purchase new clothing. Despite second-hand clothing growing as a market, the retail market barely budges.

Greenwashing is Amuck

While the advertising and marketing of clothes as sustainable has risen, many products and companies show no real proof that they are. We need a way to keep these brands accountable for their manufacturing practices.

Staying Informed

Incorporating sustainable fashion into retail also provides an opportunity to make more informed choices. This can only drive home the idea that sustainable fashion should be the expected way to make and buy clothing.


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