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Why jewelry is different when it comes to sustainability

Jewelry requires a different sustainability approach and therefore a different lens when considering its impact on the industry. Its material, supply chain, and waste differ greatly from its apparel counterparts from the way metals and gems are mined to their degradation and recycling.


The mining of precious metals and gemstones often involves environmentally destructive, and socially unethical practices such as habitat destruction, water pollution, and slave labour.

Complex Supply Chains

Without proper due diligence, jewelry can unknowingly be linked to unethical practices, including child labor and human rights abuses. Responsible jewelry brands should prioritize transparency, ensuring that their materials are sourced ethically.


The issue of waste and the disposable nature of fashion also applies to the jewelry industry. Fast fashion trends in jewelry often include plastic gems, bands, and other pieces that cannot biodegrade.

What jewelry brands stand out to you when it comes to sustainability? What do you look for?


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