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25 brands that are going against fast fashion with their ethical, sustainable, slow fashion

The ethical and sustainable fashion movement offers an alternative path. Slow fashion, as it is often called, encourages a more mindful and responsible approach to clothing. It places emphasis on quality, durability, fair production practices, and ecological considerations. By supporting ethical brands that prioritize transparency, worker well-being, and environmental conservation, we can help create a positive impact on both a local and global scale.

Embracing slow fashion means making more deliberate and thoughtful purchasing decisions. Instead of mindlessly following fleeting trends, we can focus on building a timeless, versatile wardrobe that reflects our personal style and values. By investing in high-quality, long-lasting garments, we can reduce the frequency of our shopping trips and ultimately save money in the long run. Slow fashion celebrates individuality and personal style. By curating a wardrobe filled with unique and well-crafted pieces, we can express ourselves authentically and break free from the homogeneity of mass-produced fashion. Supporting independent designers and artisans also promotes creativity, craftsmanship, and cultural diversity within the industry.

  1. The R Collective The R Collective is a fashion brand that focuses on sustainable and ethical practices. They create stylish and contemporary clothing by upcycling discarded materials and working with local artisans. With a commitment to reducing waste and promoting circular fashion, The R Collective offers unique and environmentally conscious designs.

  2. AndAll AndAll is a brand that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in fashion. They believe in breaking barriers and challenging societal norms through their clothing. AndAll offers a range of trendy and versatile pieces that cater to all body types and styles. With their emphasis on individuality and self-expression, AndAll aims to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

  3. LOVETRUST LOVETRUST is a brand that specializes in creating handcrafted jewellery with a touch of elegance and sentimentality. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted using high-quality materials, making them perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. LOVETRUST's jewellery reflects a sense of love and trust, making it a meaningful choice for those seeking beautiful and sentimental accessories.

  4. SUI SUI is a contemporary fashion brand that combines minimalistic aesthetics with a touch of sophistication. Their designs focus on clean lines, muted colours, and impeccable tailoring. SUI offers a range of timeless and versatile pieces that can effortlessly transition from day to night. With an emphasis on simplicity and quality, SUI aims to create wardrobe staples that withstand the test of time.

  5. Dorsu Dorsu is a sustainable clothing brand that prioritizes transparency and fair trade practices. They create minimalist and timeless apparel using ethically sourced materials and responsible manufacturing processes. Dorsu's pieces are designed for comfort and longevity, making them ideal for conscious consumers who value both style and sustainability.

  6. Afends Afends is a lifestyle brand that captures the essence of youth culture and streetwear fashion. Their clothing reflects a rebellious and carefree attitude, blending urban aesthetics with surf-inspired elements. Afends offers a range of bold and edgy designs, from graphic tees to denim and outerwear, catering to individuals who embrace a distinct and alternative style.

  7. Birdsong Birdsong is a feminist fashion brand that champions women's empowerment and ethical production. They collaborate with skilled women artisans and pay fair wages, creating unique garments that are made to last. Birdsong's designs showcase vibrant colours, patterns, and artistic flair, emphasizing individuality and creativity. By supporting fair labour practices, Birdsong aims to create a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry.

  8. PlantFaced Clothing PlantFaced Clothing is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that offers stylish and sustainable apparel for individuals committed to an ethical lifestyle. Their clothing is made from plant-based materials, such as organic cotton and hemp, and features bold and eye-catching designs. PlantFaced Clothing promotes compassion for animals and the environment, making it a go-to brand for conscious consumers seeking fashion with a conscience.

  9. Spell Spell is a bohemian-inspired fashion brand that embodies a free-spirited and wanderlust aesthetic. Known for its flowy dresses, intricate embroidery, and vintage-inspired prints, Spell offers a collection of ethereal and romantic pieces. With a focus on sustainability and fair trade, Spell creates timeless garments that evoke a sense of adventure and femininity.

  10. YesAnd YesAnd is a clothing brand that celebrates individuality and self-expression. Their designs are bold, colourful, and eclectic, reflecting a playful and confident attitude. YesAnd offers a range of statement pieces, including vibrant prints, unique silhouettes, and unconventional combinations. With an emphasis on embracing personal style without boundaries, YesAnd encourages customers to say "yes" to their own uniqueness.

  11. The Common Good Company The Common Good Company is a socially conscious brand that aims to make a positive impact on communities and the environment. They create a wide range of products, from apparel to accessories, using sustainable materials and supporting fair trade practices. The Common Good Company's mission is to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world through their ethically produced goods.

  12. Whimsy + Row Whimsy + Row is a sustainable and contemporary clothing brand that offers a blend of minimalistic and laid-back styles. Their designs feature clean lines, natural fabrics, and versatile silhouettes, making them perfect for effortless everyday wear. Whimsy + Row prioritize ethical manufacturing and focuses on creating timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched for various occasions.

  13. tonlé tonlé is a zero-waste fashion brand that aims to reduce textile waste and promote sustainable fashion practices. They create unique and eco-friendly clothing using upcycled materials and innovative techniques. tonlé's designs showcase artistic details, textured fabrics, and a commitment to craftsmanship. By embracing circularity and ethical production, tonlé offers customers an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future.

  14. WAWWA WAWWA is an ethical clothing brand that specializes in creating sustainable and durable apparel, with a particular focus on knitwear. Their designs combine classic styles with contemporary elements, creating timeless and cosy pieces. WAWWA uses organic and recycled materials, and they prioritize fair trade and transparent supply chains. With their commitment to quality and sustainability, WAWWA offers customers clothing that lasts and promotes positive change.

  15. Christy Dawn Christy Dawn is a brand that brings a romantic and vintage-inspired aesthetic to sustainable fashion. They create feminine and ethereal dresses using deadstock and organic fabrics, ensuring that each piece is both environmentally friendly and unique. Christy Dawn's designs capture a sense of nostalgia and craftsmanship, appealing to individuals who appreciate timeless elegance and sustainable practices.

  16. MUD Jeans MUD Jeans is a denim brand that focuses on circularity and reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. They offer a range of high-quality jeans made from organic and recycled materials. MUD Jeans operates a unique lease program where customers can lease jeans and return them for recycling at the end of use. With a commitment to transparency and sustainability, MUD Jeans is revolutionizing the way jeans are produced and consumed.

  17. Phyne Phyne is a luxury brand that specializes in creating high-quality cashmere and knitwear. Their designs are characterized by timeless elegance, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious materials. Phyne focuses on sustainability by sourcing ethically produced cashmere and employing environmentally friendly practices. With their commitment to quality and ethical production, Phyne offers customers premium garments that stand the test of time.

  18. Honest Basics Honest Basics is a brand that focuses on creating essential wardrobe staples with a sustainable approach. They offer a range of minimalist and versatile pieces, including t-shirts, tops, and basics. Honest Basics use organic and eco-friendly materials, ensuring their clothing is comfortable and environmentally conscious. With their commitment to transparency and affordability, Honest Basics provide customers with ethical and accessible fashion options.

  19. Franc Franc is a contemporary accessories brand that celebrates craftsmanship and attention to detail. They create a range of handmade leather goods, including bags, wallets, and accessories. Franc's designs combine functionality with a minimalist aesthetic, resulting in timeless and versatile pieces. With a focus on ethical sourcing and fair trade, Franc offers customers accessories that are both stylish and ethically produced.

  20. People Tree People Tree is a pioneering brand in the field of fair trade fashion. They collaborate with artisans and farmers around the world to create sustainable and ethically produced clothing. People Tree's designs feature a blend of classic and contemporary styles, with an emphasis on natural fabrics and handcrafted details. With a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility, People Tree offers customers a chance to support fair trade practices and make a positive impact.

  21. Asket Asket is a menswear brand that focuses on timeless and sustainable clothing. They offer a range of essential wardrobe staples, including shirts, trousers, and knitwear. Asket prioritizes quality and transparency, providing detailed information about the production process and the materials used. By promoting conscious consumption and minimalism, Asket aims to create garments that last and reduce fashion waste.

  22. Harvest & Mill Harvest & Mill is a brand that specializes in creating organic and sustainable apparel using locally sourced materials. They offer a range of clothing made from 100% organic cotton, grown and processed in the United States. Harvest & Mill's designs feature simple and classic silhouettes, reflecting a commitment to minimalism and ethical production. With their focus on traceability and supporting local economies, Harvest & Mill provides customers with sustainable and domestically made clothing options.

  23. ABLE ABLE is a brand that empowers women through sustainable and ethical fashion. They create a range of stylish and timeless clothing, accessories, and shoes. ABLE is committed to fair wages and safe working conditions, supporting women artisans around the world. With their dedication to transparency and impact reporting, ABLE offers customers the opportunity to make a conscious choice in supporting women's empowerment and sustainable fashion.

  24. OY Surf OY Surf is a surf and swimwear brand that blends fashion-forward designs with sustainable practices. They create stylish and functional swimwear for women, designed to withstand the demands of water sports while prioritizing comfort and durability. OY Surf utilizes eco-friendly materials and implements ethical manufacturing processes. With their commitment to sustainability and a passion for ocean conservation, OY Surf offers customers the opportunity to make eco-conscious choices while enjoying their time in the water.

  25. Dedicated Dedicated is a brand that combines contemporary streetwear with sustainable practices. They offer a range of urban-inspired clothing made from organic and recycled materials. Dedicated's designs feature bold graphics and vibrant colours, appealing to individuals who embrace a streetwear aesthetic while prioritizing sustainability. With their commitment to eco-friendly production and fair trade, Dedicated provides customers with fashion that merges style and ethics.

Sustainable fashion takes into account the entire lifecycle of a garment, from production to disposal. By opting for organic, natural fibres and materials, as well as supporting brands that prioritize eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, embracing slow fashion encourages us to repair, repurpose, and recycle our clothing, minimizing waste and preserving valuable resources.

Choosing ethical fashion means supporting brands that provide fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect human rights throughout their supply chains. By doing so, we contribute to the empowerment of workers and help combat exploitation and poverty. Moreover, many ethical brands actively engage in community development projects, fostering positive change in the areas where their products are made.


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