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Top Ranking Sustainable Puffers for Winter

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Image of a young woman standing in front of a european door, with the caption "top ranked puffers for sustainability and what to look out for"

Is it just us, or is it properly cold outside? ❄

Snowy season has come. Here are some top-ranking brands for sustainable puffer coats to keep you warm and eco-friendly.

Image of a bright orange ski parka with the caption "Wuxly- made with biodegradable polyester and down-alternative insulation"

Made with biodegradable polyester and down-alternative insulation, check out Wuxly's line.

Image of a woman smiling in a bright yellow puffer parka, orange flanel, and jeans. Caption reads "Toad & Co- made with 43% recycled polyester and bluesign certified (efficient use of resources during the dyeing and finishing process."

Image of a model in a blue parka puffer and the caption "Norden- Certified REPREVE products aka made from 100% recycled materials"

Bluesign certified and made with 43% recycled polyester. Check out Toad & Co.

Norden, or Norden Project, uses certified REPREVE products- meaning products are made with 100% recycled materials. Shop Norden.

Picture of a young woman on a european street with brown hair and glasses and a bright blue puffer jacket looking at the camera. Caption reads "Most puffers are made of synthetic materials- when buying new, check for jackets made of recycled materials and double check for high quality craft to ensure it lasts longer than one season."

Feel like this list is too short? That's because it is! Most puffers are made of virgin, synthetic materials, and certified sustainable brands that make puffers are few and far between.

When going about your search, check for jackets made of recycled materials and high-quality craftsmanship to ensure it lasts longer than the season.

Let us know if there's another brand you'd like to see at!


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