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Navigating Sustainability in Sportswear

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Sportswear, with its focus on performance, durability, and comfort, presents unique challenges in its quest for achieving sustainability. With @kimkardashian's @skims becoming the NBA's official underwear, let's talk about how some brands break through the challenges and push the boundaries of sustainable sports fashion while others lag behind.

Image of a person playing tennis on a red clay court with the caption "Navigating the sustainable struggle in sportswear"

Image of a woman in a surfwear outfit on the beach backlit

Recycled materials like Econyl and Recycled Polyester enable the clothing to reach the same technical needs without using virgin oil.

Image of cyclists finishing a workout and resting, wearing cycling gear.

High-quality sportswear can be made with the same level of durability. Brands like Oysurf, Velocio, and Pressio demonstrate its endless possibility.

Image a group working out in a field during golden hour.

Embracing sustainability requires a shift in mindset, from viewing it as a burden to recognizing it as an opportunity for innovation, growth, and responsible stewardship of our planet.

Image of a woman lifting a weight zoomed in on the back.

Technical demands make synthetic materials like polyester and nylon common, but that doesn't mean it's not possible to find sustainable alternatives.


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