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Influencers we Love: Climate-Centric Fashionistas

In a landscape often dominated by fast trends and throwaway culture, let’s shine a spotlight on some of the amazing climate-centric activists, environmentalists, and advocates out there who are rewriting the rules of style and focusing their work on the Earth. Go follow them! 🌱

Picture of all the influencers mentioned in the post with an edit over bright orange background saying "Influencers we love: Climate Centric Fashionistas"

Picture of a woman sunkissed looking into the sun during golden hour with eyes closed.

Wawa Gatheru

Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is the founder Black Girl Environmentalist, a national nonprofit committed dedicated to empowering Black girls, women and non-binary people in the climate movement.

Picture of a young woman holding an acorn to her face and smiling at the camera outdoors wearing jeans and a white sweater.

Xiye Bastida

Xiye Bastida is a 21 year old climate justice activist who is from the Otomi-Toltec Indigenous community located in Central Mexico. She is an organizer, author, speaker, and student who is driven to make the climate movement more inclusive and diverse.

Leah reading the Intersectional Environmentalist book to an audience outdoors in a brown coat and sunglasses on.

Leah Thomas

Leah is a celebrated environmentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Leah founded the non-profit platform Intersectional Environmentalist and published her book The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet.

Karishma taking a mirror selfie in an office wearing a gingham dress and smiling.

Karishma Porwal

Karishma is a Canadian-based climate activist and sustainable fashion advocate. Her content frequently features deep dives into companies and climate problems, street interviews, and an appreciation for the earth.

Domi in a pink sheer poofy dress holding a microphone and addressing an audience on a large concert stage

Domi Palmer

Dominique Palmer is a Climate Justice Activist, Speaker, Storyteller, Writer, and advocate of slow fashion based in the U.K. In 2023, Palmer was honoured as a ‘Young Leader’ at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards,and named in Forbes 2020 Top U.K Environmentalists List.

Two women hold the hands of a kid pulling her up and laughing. Both are well dressed for paris fashion week.

Sophia Li

Sophia Li is a Chinese-American award-winning journalist, climate advocate and public speaker. Harvard named her one of the top climate communicators of 2022 and she was awarded Refinery29’s Sustainable Innovator Award.

Picture of Summer looking at the camera in a relaxed pose in a white oversized top and sundress.

Summer Dean

Summer is the founder of Climate Diva, her personal platform focused on sustainability, slow fashion, beauty, and climate action, and Gaia Vintage, and onilne shop of small, curated collections of hand-sourced vintage clothing.

Jazmine Rogers sitting on a couch and smiling to the camera with colourful interior design around her and bright blue jeans and yellow tanktop.

Jazmine Rogers

Jazmine Rogers is a Black + Mexican LA-born content creator living in New York. She is the founder and CEO of the popular sustainable fashion platform Sustainable Baddie, featuring products, people, and go-to knowledge for sustainable fashion.


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