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Why we made SHADE as a Web Extension

‘Oh! This outfit is cute! But is it made of synthetics? Is it going to last long? I think I heard this brand doesn’t ethically use animals, maybe I should check.’ And down the spiral we go.

Shopping online can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process.

With endless options and seemingly endless research needed to make informed purchases, many consumers often resort to shopping at a few familiar marketplaces or stores. However, this means sacrificing the opportunity to find the best version of a product or supporting brands that align with their values.

Fast fashion may offer accessibility to good-looking clothing, but it doesn't necessarily cater to the multiple concerns and priorities that many consumers have beyond just low prices. In our own survey of online shoppers, materials, sustainability, and fit were listed as just as important as cost when it comes to purchasing clothing. However, the overwhelming amount of information and research required to make informed decisions can be a major roadblock to the shopping experience.

That's where SHADE comes in.

As a web extension, it simplifies the shopping process by integrating the information and options that consumers want directly into their web browsing experience. With visual search technology, SHADE suggests sustainable fashion alternatives to the products the consumer is interested in, taking into account their preferences for materials, sustainability, and fit. This way, consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases without sacrificing the shopping experience or wasting time researching. A web extension allows you the consumer to access these options across your experience of the web, and react to anything that shows up quickly.

With SHADE, consumers have the power to take control of their shopping experience and make informed decisions when they encounter brands online. No more feeling like they are being co-opted by advertised messaging like greenwashing. With SHADE, the online shopping experience becomes empowering and enjoyable, allowing consumers to own their choices and make purchases that align with their values.he bottom of your posts to help readers discover more of your posts and keep reading.


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