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Sustainable Brands for Black Friday

Image of woman's face from below looking at the sky with the title "Sustainable Brands for Black Friday"

Black Friday is notorious for overconsumption, but it also makes getting products otherwise out of reach affordable. Instead of wormhole-ing yourself down SHEIN or FARFETCH sales, check out sustainable brands participating in black (green) Friday for good sales and products gentle on the earth. 🌲

Image of a girl and guy in trendy colorful clothing and sunglasses. The caption reads AFENDS up to 70% storewide.


Up to 70% storewide

Image of a woman in her 40's or 50's in a sportsbra and leggins in the sun. Caption reads "DKActive up to 80% off"

DK Active

Up to 80% off

Image of a woman sitting on a wood chair in a mustard yellow dress and the caption "Christy Dawn 30-60% sitewide"

Image of a woman in black denim outerwear and jeans and beanie. Caption reads "Happy Earth Apparel up to 40% off"

Image of a guy and girl model in sweaters and posing. Caption reads "Armed Angels up to 25% off menswear and womenswear"

Christy Dawn

30-70% sitewide

Happy Earth Apparel

up to 40% off including bundles

Armed Angels

Up to 25% off menswear and womenswear


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