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Fashion Innovations to Watch

At the end of the day, the planet cannot be healed without real change to the manufacturing and materials that make up what we wear. From plant-based glitters to regenerative textiles, here are a few companies with a keen focus on making that change.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-dye?

DyeRecycle technology is a non-destructive separation technology of textile waste components: fibres & dyes, enabling circularity.

Glitter turned Sustainable

Radiant Matter is reinventing sequins.Their new generation of sparkling material solutions have been picked up by the likes of Stella McCartney.

Regenerative Materials

Ponda is a biomaterials company developing novel textiles, like BioPuff, from regenerative fibres.

Banana-made Leather

Banofi Leather creates premium plant-based leather from upcycled banana fibres and agricultural waste.


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